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You know what you’re in for, you know we do things differently here, and that’s exactly why it works!

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if you're new here...

welcome to dbft!

Take a seat, get comfortable, stay a while - let me explain the DBFT difference.

#6Weeks2Slay is the first challenge of our calendar year, and each challenge has a specific goal in mind (Slay, Strength, Shred). Give us a year, follow the process, and I promise you’ll get to a place you didn’t even know was possible.

We don’t just prescribe workouts and diets - we are here to educate you, support you, and introduce more sustainable habits that contribute to a much better relationship with your fitness and your lifestyle.

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life is about more than just 



...the overall feeling of health, wellbeing and joy in your fitness journey should not be intrinsically tied to the definition of your abs. 

Unfortunately, our industry is rife in promoting the binge and restrict cycle, where fitness “professionals” would basically prescribe undereating and overtraining for a short period of time.

Short term, their clients may drop a few pounds, take a few fire selfies, and feel a spark of motivation momentarily.

Long term, they end up putting it back on, and only feel more defeated for ‘falling off the wagon’ - and the cycle continues…

It doesn’t have to be this way - you can create long term, sustainable change - and feel good doing it!

While there is nothing wrong with aesthetic goals, we’re here to show you a better way to achieve what YOU want out of your path.

Thousands of fitness journeys have started right here. 

This is why we’re bringing back #6WEEKS2SLAY IN JANUARY, and we’ve leveled it up again, while keeping the prices the same!

Our 2024 edition is bringing the heat with a new 6-week, 5-day workout program with even more options to get the heart rate up, blood flowing, and muscles working so you can show up as your best self.

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In 2023, we completely reinvented our app to deliver an even more personalized and immersive experience. It’s on a whole new level, but we’ve kept the price the same!

revamped app experience

As part of the challenge, you’ll receive full app access, with over 850+ exercise videos to generate your own workouts when you want, plus our mini nutritional guide, sample meal plans, and more!

General enrolment closes on Friday, January 5, and we officially kick off January 7!

Every year, we are committed to always providing MORE value for you, and have deliberately packed all of this into the challenge for you.

As part of the challenge, you have the option of Uncoached (Challenge Only) or Coached (where we support you one-to-one through your journey) 

uncoached - challenge only.

  • 6 weeks of intensive training with new workout split for even better results (week 1-3, 4-6)
  • 5 dynamic workouts every week (2 leg days, 2 upper body mixes, and one full body)
  • Can be tailored to your schedule, and completed in less than an hour
  • Completely adaptable to location and equipment - home or gym - it’s your choice!
  • Pregnancy & postpartum modifications available to support your journey
  • Mini-nutrition guide and sample meal plans
  • Weekly mini-challenges to keep you motivated
  • Full support system and community
  • Keep the program for life!

challenge only - uncoached (one time payment - $117)

challenge only - uncoached (payment plan - $60 x 2)


coached with
bi-weekly check-ins.

  • Private group chat
  • Bi-weekly check-ins
  • Personalized video feedback
  • Macro adjustments and cardio direction based on goals
  • Don’t track? No problem. We will find an approach for YOU!
  • Plus full 85+ page nutritional guide ($127.00 value)



Strictly limited spots, these ALWAYS sell out first

let's make 2024 your

best year yet.

The truth is, most people start the New Year with good intentions, but sink back to their old ways by February.

They will...

  • Sign up to different ‘free’ challenges and courses and not commit
  • Fear changing their workout routine, because they don’t know any other way
  • Avoid certain foods because you feel they’re the enemy
  • Try to eat ‘healthy’ and train hard but not seeing any results, and feel defeated in the process
  • Feel trapped in their body and blame their genetics
  • Battle the constant yo-yo dieting of binge and restrictive eating

This leaves them feeling in a rut and constantly trying to dig the well to find motivation to start ‘over’ with their fitness journey with diminishing results.

If this sounds like you, then here’s the good news

You don’t need to struggle anymore.

In fact, in just 42 days, get ready to say hello to the NEW YOU. You’re going to have an action plan to train like a functional athlete, business owner, previous IFBB Bikini Pro, and mom of two balancing it all!

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We’ve completely leveled up our prizes, that’s right - you can actually win BIG for taking part and being an active part of the challenge.

>> 1st Prize
$1200.00 cash + free entry into the next challenge for you and a friend
>> 2nd Prize
$850.00 cash + free entry into the next challenge
>> 3rd Prize 
$500.00 cash + a free month of membership

build new habits with our

mini challenges

We are intentional about building new, long lasting habits. Over the course of the 6 weeks, we run a series of mini challenges to encourage new behaviours that contribute to positive change, while we celebrate our little wins along the way.

It’s not just about gym selfies and drinking your two liters of water (although that’s fun too). We want you to fall in love with the little details in your fitness journey - learn to prioritise self care and recovery along the way, be an active part of the community, and enjoy the ride.

We don’t get overly caught up in the scale and mirror victories, because we know they will absolutely come if you fall in love with the process and follow it diligently

you are not alone.

We constantly get new people joining our challenges and rest assured you are going to feel safe, and supported in an environment that’s built for you to thrive in. Join us, and you’ll have a community of driven, and supportive women to cheer you on.

They all started where you are right now…

The first step is always the hardest, but I guarantee you will be so thankful you did it.

We can’t wait to meet you 💙

Remember, we have limited spots, and the pre-registrations have been off the charts…

Now, I understand that if you haven’t clicked the button to join us yet, there may be some push back and some limiting beliefs circling around... 

I want you to know that’s okay, it’s always natural to second guess or analyze our decisions.

But I’ve learnt we always rise to the level of our commitments, we just need to say YES to the opportunity.

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friday, january 5th.

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we begin january 7th.